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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Too Many Trips to the Well

The Wall Street Journal in what looks like an obituary for ObamaCare:
A look back suggests the president and his allies may have "overlearned" the lessons of President Bill Clinton's 1993-1994 health-care defeat. They expended great effort to line up the support of health-care insurers, pharmaceutical makers and care providers, believing that by keeping them around the table, they could win over Republicans (emphasis added) and stop the kind of industry-led attacks that helped sink the Clinton plan. But this strategy left out the wooing of public opinion, which was being affected by broader events, including the economic crisis and anger over bank bailouts.
Here we see the folly of Administration and Congress believing opponents of socialized medicine are the cardboard-cutout stereotypes their college professors taught them they were; that all that was necessary was to bribe and threaten big pharma and insurance into submission and dim-witted lumpenproletariat conservatives, regarding it as nihil obstat, would meekly follow suit. What a delightful rude awakening then for Administration and Congress, most of whom have never had an honest job in their lives, to be angrily accosted by working stiffs deeply resentful of faux-aristocrats imperiously asserting authority over their welfare while simultaneously spending our republic into bankruptcy.

We need not need savor this moment however for there will be many more of them to enjoy in the months and years to come.

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