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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Those Loveable Kooky Leftists

I like Howard Kurtz, the Washington Post's media critic. While assuredly of a liberal bent, he at least attempts to be even-handed. But not always; sometimes his liberal bias breaks through.

Consider his recent posting on the recent ACORN sting operation conducted by a couple of college kids. Kurtz, commenting on charges from Pecksniffian mainstream media that the operation did not constitute real "journalism," writes the following.
The labeling debate is pointless. It was ideologically driven reporting. It was two activists using deception to try to make an organization look bad -- all the more reason for skepticism.

But the pair hit paydirt. The ACORNers' behavior was nutty (emphasis added). Who offers advice about pimping out 13-year-old girls? What planet were these people living on?
Nutty? As in goofy or quirky? Kooky or offbeat? Suppose the netroots had sent "guerrilla journalists" posing as a pimp and prostitute into the offices of a conservative organization, extracting tax advice from its employees for a teenage call-girl ring. Would Kurtz have used the word "nutty" to describe those giving the advice? Or would he have used what seem to me far more appropriate adjectives when describing those assisting lowlifes "pimping out 13-year-old girls" like "outrageous," "horrifying," "loathesome," "sleazy" or "disgusting," just to name a few?

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