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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hollywood Keeps Digging

From the NY Post.
Hollywood's heaviest hitters have launched a full-throttled campaign for the freedom of former fugitive director Roman Polanski after he was abruptly nabbed in Switzerland over the weekend after more than 30, very public years on the lam.
Not surprisingly, Woody Allen is one of those clamoring for his release; as well he might, he's putting his money where his...well, never mind.

Let Hollywood go all out for Polanski, it might make manifest at last to the nation these parvenu royals' belief they are subject to an entirely different legal system from the rest of us, even when it comes to drugging and raping a thirteen-year old girl. The pampered hypocrites will never change their beliefs but if a substantial portion of the populous could only be persuaded to stop paying to see their movies and buying their records, they might at least shut up; what blissful silence that would be.

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