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Monday, September 14, 2009

Department of Things I Wish I had Said

Kyle Smith, in the New York Post, on the Van Jones farrago and the New York Times:
The Times was aware of the story, knew it was bigger than most of the stuff it puts in the paper every day, and had plenty of resources to cover it.

But The Times purposely ignored it because it was hoping that the story would go away, because it likes people like Comrade Jones and was hoping he wouldn’t be forced out. The Times doesn’t like people like Glenn Beck and didn’t want him to be able to claim Jones’s scalp. The Times’ prejudice blinded it to the fact that Jones’ fall became obvious on Friday, when a White House spokesman refused to defend him.

Newspaper of record? The Times isn’t so much a newspaper as a clique of high school girls sending IMs to like-minded friends about their feuds and faves and raves and rants. OMFG you guys! It’s no more objective than Beck is.
Nope, and a lot less entertaining. When a newspaper culls its stories with such keen regard for editor and reader sensibilities it can no longer be considered a serious news source. Meanwhile, the Times' circulation continues to "plummet."

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