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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Search for Nude Pictures of Hannah Giles

Instapundit points to Dana Loesch's posting on Breibart's BigGovernment website bringing word that trolls on the left are searching high and low for lewd pictures of the young woman who posed as a prostitute and helped bring down ACORN, Hannah Giles; topless preferably or even better, completely nude. Even if they were to unearth them (which I doubt), what of it? How does it alter in the slightest what ACORN was caught doing: providing assistance to a pimp and his ho--however fictional--wanting to smuggle into this country underage girls to make sexual slaves of them?

Loesch suggests the "reasoning of these ACORN supporters is that the message is only as valid as the messenger is pure." Possibly, but that implies a certain sophistication on the part of the drooling left, that they are in actual possession of a rational faculty. I'm more inclined to think the left's motive is more visceral: revenge, pure and simple.


By the way, a warm welcome to lefty trolls whose Googling "nude pictures of Hannah Giles," or the like, brought them to this blog!

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