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Monday, April 07, 2008

You Are What You Eat

The Execution of Robespierre--from Wikipedia

The unfailingly astute Dr. Mabuse has posted a fine think piece about the lack of concern by the revolutionaries for the fate of the souls they are driving out of the Episcopal Church, with increasing zeal. She writes

There was a time when Anglicans really thought that being an Anglican was important. That the salvation of one's soul could depend on it, and making a wrong choice could have eternal consequences. Now, there's no sense that a person runs any risk at all by leaving the Anglican Church. There's no concern that the people being swept away by the new broom could wind up going to hell. Even to write out the phrase seems faintly ridiculous.

Hell, of course, being one of those quaint and reactionary notions espoused by the hated "orthodox," the ones now being shown the door.

What is happening today in the tragic and beleaguered Episcopal Church is another recurrence of a revolution devouring its own children. Once the Episcopal church dispatches the rest of the remaining faithful even faintly redolent of "orthodoxy," she will turn her attention to those whose fervor for the new religion is insufficient (or are bothersome in some other way) thus are "counter-revolutionary." The purges will continue upward (Beers will likely be the victim of the last putsch) until all power is consolidated in Ms. Schori or her usurper, creating ECUSA's very own Napoleon or Stalin. It will be a Pyrrhic victory, however, because unlike the aforementioned tyrants, there will not be much of a kingdom surviving for him or her to rule over.

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