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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Odds Bodkins!

It seems this humble blog was nominated and (even more astonishingly) received three whole votes, for the "Best New Catholic Blog" in the 2008 Catholic Blog Awards (scroll way, way down) . This is the first your Bloviator has heard of the awards, not to mention the nomination (otherwise the vote total would have been four). Warm thanks to the kind (if delusional) soul for the nomination and to those kind (if delusional) souls who voted for this blog.

Incidentally, the winner of the Best New Catholic Blog, with 56 votes received, was one this blog has linked to from its inception, the Creative Minority Report, which richly deserves it given that its proprietors, unlike this one, actually put time, care and attention into their efforts; it shows handsomely.

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