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Friday, April 04, 2008

Absolut B.S.

Above is an ad for Absolut Vodka presently appearing in Mexico and apparently targeted to the left-wing/nationalist demographic; at least that segment of it with muchos pesos, the largest part of it, no doubt.

Your Bloviator cannot tell the difference between highbrow vodkas like Absolut and the cheap stuff in plastic bottles named "Old Bolshevik" or some such, so when liquoring up goes for the latter. Should any of you readers have better taste than that in vodka, you are invited to consider, when in the liquor store or the bar, whether or not you want your hard-earned bucks subsidizing gratuitous anti-American slams like this; so common both here and abroad (alas, for good cause) in ads aimed at the upscale market.

(h/t Brain Terminal)

Update: They've yanked it, as it were. Thanks to Daniel Muller for the tip.

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