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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Adding Value

There is no more enthusiastic proponent of free markets than your Bloviator. When Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, after much stalling, at last released their tax returns for the eight years following Mr. Clinton's presidency (we'll assume it's mere co-incidence they released this much sought-after information Friday afternoon at 4 P.M.), it didn't perturb your Bloviator unduly the returns revealed the two of them raked in $109 million. In a capitalist state, the value of goods and services is determined by the marketplace and if the market determines the goods and services offered by the Clintons are worth, on average, $15.5 million a year, this blogger will not quibble.

On the other hand, it is difficult to resist wondering just what tempting goods and services the Clintons offer that command such impressive fees? Has the market really placed a value of $10 million on Hillary's scintillating books? Likewise, are Bill's books truly worth $30 million? Is there really $52 million of value in Bill's speeches to trade groups and charities? Or could it be there are unstated goods and services the Clintons are offering in addition to those they publicly proffer and on which a far greater value can be placed?

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