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Monday, April 28, 2008

An Oversight?

One of the last bastions of orthodox Anglican worship in New York City (and increasingly, the whole country) is the venerable St. Thomas Church on Fifth Avenue, with its legendary boys choir and its no-nonsense Anglican worship, e.g. ad orientem and "Victorian" English--as the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church has called it--used in services. Evensong at St. Thomas is an especially moving experience and should not be missed by anyone visiting New York City.

Since St. Thomas' is one of the crown jewels of the Episcopal Church, it is striking how few mentions one finds of that organization or even the word "Episcopal" on St. Thomas' extensive website: your Bloviator could only find five, none of them prominent. Neither, unless overlooked, is there a single link to the Episcopal Church's website, or the Diocese of New York's. It is a indeed a puzzlement and one almost gets the impression it is intentional. Perhaps when St. Thomas' unveils its newly designed website (now in the works) we will get a better idea.

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