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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Small Minds Think Alike, Too

The circulation of law reviews is plummeting. Here's why, according to one commenter.
The problem with law reviews is they are of little value to the attorneys that practice everyday law. Of course, if I get a transgender client facing incarceration and placement the general population and who is be deprived the freedom to practice the Wiccan religion and of special dietary needs, I can access 25-30 articles on that no problem. Now, if I want some assistance on the problems with offsets when multiple uninsured motorist carriers involved, something that implicates 5-10 of my cases a year, there might be one or two out there, but are way out of date.
When one's head is up his ideological ass, his opinions are pertinent only to others similarly contorted.

h/t the Instapundit.

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