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Monday, February 15, 2010


It's a source of never-ending amazement the American media blithely continues ignoring the exploding global warming scandal. Now, at last, the Washington Post has broken the ice (as it were) and published a quasi-objective survey of the events of the past two-and-a half months. Over at The New York Times, however, global warming ideologues are still standing firm and there's barely been a mention of the scandal.

Walter Russell Mead at the American Thinker suggests plausibly that with WaPo's cracking the journalistic wall of silence on global warming, whatever integrity the Times might still have remaining is severely threatened. "The Week in Review" this Sunday would have been the appropriate venue for the Times to break the climate scandal to its readers, now that the Post has; this is what Mead found instead.
[T]wo stories on the implications of the Greek crisis, a review of Victorian era personal classifieds, a piece on the evils of soda pop and a helpfully lighthearted introduction to Canada which included the information that the Maple Leaf stands for nature and growth while the beaver stands for loyalty and industry.
Newspapers, of course, must ultimately yield to its readers' whims and fancies, which suggests that The New York Times has devolved into Parade Magazine for David Brook's educated class. How much longer can the Times last? It doesn't even have Howard Huge.

UPDATE: Today is Tuesday so Walter Russell Mead perused the Times' weekly Science section and found
a story in there about some schoolchildren and a giant prehistoric frog, a review of some recent developments in Cretan archaelogy, a fascinating story about animals that imitate other animals and plants, and a very short piece about warm sea water melting glaciers in Greenland.

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