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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Great Moments in Public Education

From the New York Daily News:
It wasn't the first fight club.

A year before he was arrested for forcing fourth-graders into a wrestling match, a Queens teacher was accused of ordering students to punch an unruly classmate.

The disturbing accusation against Joseph Gullotta came to light as students and parents at Public School 65 expressed outrage about the goings-on.

"It's shocking," said Jovan Ortiz, 10. "I thought he would learn."

Jovan, who was in Gullotta's class last year, said the teacher came up with a brutal scheme to control his behavior.

"My teacher said if I got out of my seat, kids were allowed to punch me in my face," he said.
What's truly pathetic and indicative of the stranglehold the teachers union has over our schools, it will be years (if ever) before this creep is fired. In the interim, he has been assigned to a so-called "rubber room," where teachers deemed so grossly incompetent they are not allowed in a classroom must report every day; doing nothing, but collecting full salary, while their cases makes their tortured way through the byzantine disciplinary process of the New York City Public Schools, as mandated by the union.

Just two days ago, the New York Post reported on a horndog City school teacher whose case has dragged on for nearly a decade. He too reports daily to the rubber room, from which the lech manages his $8 million real estate portfolio while collecting a $100,000 salary from the school system. Apparently, the Department of Education is simply unable to fire him: "'We have to abide by the union contract,' spokeswoman Ann Forte said."

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