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Friday, February 26, 2010

No Honor Among Thieves

Or should it be "Rats Jump from a Sinking Ship?"

From Politico:
Dems call for Charlie Rangel's gavel

After months of holding ranks, Democrats are finally turning on House Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) in the wake of an ethics committee finding that he violated House rules by accepting a Caribbean junket.

Early Friday, Rep. Paul Hodes (D-N.H.) told POLITICO he wants Rangel to quit his powerful committee post — and that was quickly followed by similar statements from a pair of deep south Democrats, Mississippi Rep. Gene Taylor and Alabama Rep. Bobby Bright.
Better late than never, I guess, this new found concern among Democratic Congressmen over the unethical behavior of one of their colleagues. D'ya suppose, however, there just might be some correlation between the concern over Congressman Rangel's challenged ethics (again, what took you so long, fellas?) and the projected disaster the Dems are facing this November?

I bet Peolosi dumps him.

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