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Friday, October 22, 2010

Words Can't Express His Sorrow

New York Post Columnist John Podhoretz is really, really, really, really sorry he called New York State gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis (left) a "hooker." He did so in his column October 19th, when writing about the recent and oh-so-dignified candidates' debate, and the poor thing was so upset she called her lawyers, who issued a press release threatening to sue. So, tale between the legs (metaphorically, of course), Podhoretz, in his column today, apologizes profusely for calling Kristin Davis a hooker,  doing so nearly 40 times by my count.

It turns out, you see, the little lady has a legitimate beef: Ms. Davis "spent four months on Rikers Island after pleading guilty to one count of promoting prostitution." Which, of course, makes her a pimp, not a hooker. Silly Mr. Podhoretz, you should know better! I'm so glad you're man enough to own up to it.

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