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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The State of the Church in Switzerland

From the Canadian Press:
Swiss Catholics distribute condoms, against papal teaching, as part of AIDS awareness campaign

By Frank Jordans (CP) – 12 hours ago

GENEVA — Catholic churches in the central Swiss city of Lucerne have sparked controversy among believers with an AIDS awareness campaign that involves giving teenagers condoms bearing the slogan "protect thy neighbour as thyself."

The churches started handing out some of the 3,000 condoms Monday as part of an effort to engage young people, many of whom may be turned off by the Vatican's long-standing opposition to the use of condoms, said a spokesman.

"We needed something to appeal to people who wouldn't dream of talking to the church about that kind of issue," Florian Flohr told The Associated Press.
No doubt, in time these churches will start distributing contraceptives and making referrals to abortion clinics.

Remember: bad as things may appear for Holy Church in the United States, they are far, far worse in Europe.

(Thanks to William Tighe)

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