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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Personally, I'd rather see them all hanging at the yardarm

But this will suffice:
Nine suspected pirates had to row themselves back to the Somali shore "with their tails between their legs" after the British Navy confiscated their whaler, moved them into a tiny boat and blew up their motor and weapons, an international naval task force said Monday.

"One cannot help but get a sense of satisfaction at the sight of a bunch of chastened suspected pirates being landed ashore, tails between their legs and the tools of their trade disappearing with a boom and a flash of flame," British Col. Mark Gray said in a news release.
The advantage to meeting out the more draconian punishment is, of course, it assures the thugs will never doing it again. Still, just seeing them humiliated is a major accomplishment in these wimpy times and a cause for cheer.

(h/t Shrine of the Holy Whapping)

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