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Friday, October 01, 2010

Not to be Overlooked

Not getting anywhere near the attention Mount Cavalry Church in Baltimore has for its impeding journey to Rome but still worthy of our notice and prayers is tiny Saint Columba's Traditional Anglican Church in bustling Fernley, Nevada, which recently announced the "parish as a body has voted to accept the offer of the Holy See and join an Ordinariate." Godspeed!

Saint Columba's website proclaims they worship "God rather than man," which really says it all; losing sight of that simple but profound principle is how the Episcopal Church ended up the secular humanistic disaster it is today. Saint Columba's uses the 1928 Episcopal Prayer Book (but recognizes all seven sacraments) and their website wryly notes "the liturgy contains more Scripture in an hour than the average evangelical service presents in a year."

The parish fled the Episcopal Church a decade ago for the safe harbor of a breakaway Anglican organization known as the Episcopal Missionary Church, an institution not known to me until now (there are many, many of them). Now that the ice has been broken, as it were, and some of the fragments of the Episcopal Church diaspora appear at last to be headed for Rome, perhaps, along with individual parishes, the time has come for the numerous breakaway Anglican organizations, those of Anglo-Catholic leanings at least, to think long and hard about the Holy Father's invitation to embrace the full Catholic faith via Anglicanorum Coetibus.

(Thanks to The Anglican Use of the Roman Rite)

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