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Friday, May 08, 2009

When Justice Delayed is Just

That the CIA seems to be an entity unto itself, answerable to no one, is nothing short of deplorable in a federated republic like ours. The time has long past that agency was reined in and learned but good they answer to the president and congress, not the other way around. 

Just the same, it wouldn't break my heart if the CIA's refresher course in trias politica were postponed just long enough so that they may efficiently finish the job hanging out to dry Nancy Pelosi, Jay Rockefeller and all those other lying Democratic phonies in Congress for their faux outrage over the use waterboarding, and other "enhanced interrogation techniques," they fully approved of eight years ago and, in fact, urged their increased use; then rake the sons of bitches over the coals.

To paraprase Augustine, "Lord, make them chastened, but not yet."

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