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Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Bully's Pulpit

Apparently the President of the United State and his staff, who represent all Americans regardless for whom they voted, threatened to sic the White House press corps on recalcitrant debt holders of the now bankrupt Chrysler Corporation unless they signed onto the deal turning over the remains of the company to the UAW and Fiat.

Glenn Reynolds wonders what the press corp members' reaction will be to learn the President and his staff regard them as little more than poodles; to run, jump and fetch at their command. My guess is, while some of them might be be appalled, most will not be for the same reason minions of drug dealers, hip-hop thugs and schoolyard bullies are pleased to grovel and scramble at any request made by their leaders, including the beating up of rivals. Continual abasement for them is a small price to pay for the perceived elevation in their status being allowed to hang around with and do chores for those much cooler than they are.

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