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Friday, May 01, 2009

Take 'Em Along for the Ride, Senator

Legacy crook Senator Christopher Dodd, apparently under the illusion he still stands a chance of re-election, yesterday in Connecticut took part in a slow-pitch softball game disguised as a public Q & A session. Not one of the many carefully screened questions gently tossed his way touched on the manifold scandals tarring his already dubious reputation. Eventually the charade came to an end and Dodd no doubt congratulated himself for pulling off the ruse.

Dodd is deluded, nobody but nobody believes him anymore, not even his pals in the Congress and White House. As soon as they can quantify the serious liability he is, the Democrats, following orders from on high, will dump him. George Bush was often accused of being overly loyal to subordinates in trouble; nobody will ever accuse Barack Obama of that.

Dodd is going down for sure but there's no reason for him not to have fun when that happens. The very moment he senses the Democrats are cutting him off, he should announce with as much fanfare he can muster he is changing his party affiliation to Republican (there's little difference between the two parties these days and he'll make a nice replacement for principle-free Arlen Specter, who recently pulled a similar stunt). Wheeler-dealer that he is, the dirt Dodd must have in his files on Democratic colleagues, accumulated after a thirty year career, must be staggering. Those colleagues' squirming will no doubt go a long way assuaging his bitterness at their betrayal.

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