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Friday, February 16, 2007

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Yesterday the City of New York launched (at taxpayer expense, of course) a $1.5 million program to give away 26 million condoms, colorfully packaged with their own brand name, NYC CONDOM.

I suppose with all the other vastly more expensive nonsense for which we taxpayers foot the bill here in New York, this is pretty small beer. Just the same I find this latest episode of do-gooding hooey particularly offensive. In the press release announcing the condoms-for-all program there is this breathtaking assertion: "It's an important reminder that having fun and having safer sex are not mutually exclusive. New Yorkers should use a condom every time they have sex."So here we have the city's officialdom, from Mayor Bloomberg on down, enthusiastically broadcasting the message, especially to teenagers, "go out and get laid, we'll only scold you if you don't wear a rubber." Does it mark me as an utter prude I think that really is not an appropriate message to receive the mayor's imprimatur? If so, amen, amen.

I might also point out if "New Yorkers" are in a monogamous relationship they don't have to "use a condom every time they have sex" in order to stave off disease. If one is faithful, one doesn't get infected. Disease is spread around by people sleeping around. Also not found in the press release is the alarming %3-%14 failure rate of condoms, a pretty high margin of error for one hoping to avoid getting AIDS.

As far as I know, only Edward Cardinal Egan and Edward (DiMarzio), Bishop of Brooklyn have been brave enough to speak out against this dreadful program, saying that it "degrades society." That's putting it mildly, your Eminence and your Grace but since you will have tons of abuse and sneers heaped upon you by activists and New York Times types for being so "judgemental," please let this obscure blogger offer you thanks and gratitude for being the voice of righteousness, albeit largely unheard, in these crass times.

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