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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Countdown Begins

The Primates in Dar es Salaam finally wrapped up their business late last night by issuing a communiqué, a summation of their decisions resulting from the meeting. With regard to what to do about the Episcopal Church, they actually showed some teeth, directing ECUSA to to clean up her act and comply with the Windsor Report. The Primates will also provide pastoral care for those who cannot recognize Katharine Jefforts Schori as their presiding bishop. ECUSA has been given a deadline of September 30th to comply with the Primates' requests or be considered to have "walked apart" from the Communion.

This could be the final countdown for ECUSA. KJS has a difficult task in front of her: If she goes along with the Primates' requests the revisionists will go ballistic, there is no way they will accept them and may well secede. And of course, the orthodox are already doing so and will do so in droves should ECUSA not implement the Primates' requests and the communion is broken for good. I don't envy KJS's position one bit and we must pray for her.

Surely our Church's fate is now in God's hands.

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