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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Policy Change at Whitehall

The ever-estimable Fr. WB at Whitehall has announced a policy change regarding the Presiding Bishop:

I'm not going to blog about her. This (I hope and intend) will be my last post about Schori's blindness, etc. It's not that she shouldn't be talked about, shouldn't be refuted; it's not that her apostasy shouldn't be named and decried. It should be. But I'll leave that to others. I just can't do it without cynicism, anger and depression. It's bad for my soul.

Quite right, Father, and while we will miss your trenchant commentary on the PeeBee, there are plenty of others to take up the slack. The sad truth is, however, there really is no need for it. Every time KJS opens her mouth she damns herself with far greater efficacy than anything you, I, or anybody else can write. You also write we should pray for her. Indeed we must, diligently. While we should be concerned for all the myriad New-Age Gnostics in this rich and over privileged country, KJS, by holding high ecclesiastical office, is exposing her soul to far greater peril, I believe, and thus deserving of our most fervent prayers.

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