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Friday, February 23, 2007

ECUSA: Painted Itself into a Corner

More sharp insight on the mess we're in from a seemingly unlikely source (and be sure to read the whole thing):

"The Episcopal Church should never have gotten into this business in the first place. No one paid any attention to the official view on gay sex or cared any more than they cared about official doctrine on heterosexual cohabitation. The Church gave tacit approval and there was no point in making an issue of it. But TEC painted itself into a corner: now backing down on same-sex unions and the ordination of sexually active homosexuals would constitute an expression of disapproval—tacit approval isn't possible any longer.

"They’re stuck, and have just postponed the showdown. When the deadline comes they’ll either have to go with the program, selling gays down the river, or else it’s back to go—more fighting, stalling and fudging, power plays, politicking and legal action. The only difference on this round will be the existence of a conservative “church within the church” on the ground, in the US, with official standing in TEC, to make things even worse. Remember, you read it here first."

H/T to Titusonenine. Go there and read the excellent responses on this piece. A lot of them are devastating, especially this one.

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