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Friday, November 12, 2010

So Which is It?

Is Marco Rubio, the newly elected Senator from Florida, a Catholic or a Baptist? Damian Thompson of the Telegraph notes that while Rubio claims he is a Catholic, he attends services at a Southern Baptist church. Your Bloviator was an early admirer of Rubio's and it makes no difference to him where Rubio worships. One cannot, however, be a Catholic and a protestant at the same time.

Rubio should declare what he is and explain and apologize for this seeming duplicity. He has a bright future; it would be a shame if he blew it over a relatively minor matter.


Augustine said...

Context is relevant here: the archdiocese of Miami is one of the very worst: the likelihood of finding an orthodox priest in one's own parish is almost zero. It's a terrible, terrible place for serious, tradition-minded Catholics. While indifferentism and syncretism are very deadly sins, finding occasional solace among other serious Christians--even formal heretics--might not be entirely shocking. Damian Thompson has gone a bit nutty about this.

Nickie Goomba said...

Morco's religious beliefs are his. His worship within a Christian spectrum makes me comfortable.

Anonymous said...

How about Sam Brownback of Kansas? He converted to Catholicism a few years ago and then it's never mentioned again.