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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election Day Sermon

I am not particularly excited about the expected Republican blowout in today's elections. The Republicans have disappointed far too many times for me to hold out hope this time they will get it right. I fully expect within days or even hours after the election to hear some Republican party leader talking about "reaching across the aisle." Then we will know, yet again, we have been had. Back to work.

What I am hopeful about this election, however, is for something much bigger than any Republican landslide: the mortal wounding of the so-called New Left, which got going in earnest in this country in 1964-65 with the Free Speech Movement at U.C. Berkeley, spread like the plague and has been with us ever since, doing staggering damage to our culture, education, industry, cities and the public fisc. It is the pernicious New Left in all its manifestations, not just small people like Obama, Pelosi and Reid, that the people are voting against in this election.

If the Republicans actually do get the message, obviating a third party, what they might do in the wake of their victory is to continually pass legislation shutting down or defunding the most egregious examples of abusive government (ObamaCare would be a fine place to start). The legislation will be vetoed, of course, and there likely will not be enough votes to override but it hardly matters; they should just keep doing it, over and over. If the people see their elected officials battling corrupt left-wing power-mad elites every single day, their hopes will be raised and they will rally round their representatives. Then, perhaps, we may see the long-overdue crushing of the 1960s radical left.

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