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Friday, November 05, 2010

I guess it beats going to church

More religion-product from the Episcopalians, the "Seusscharist:"

(Thanks to Augustine)


The young fogey said...

None of my business and I don't blog to pick on these people but this seems to say it all: snobs celebrating their own real or imagined cleverness (if you don’t enjoy it you’re just not our class, dear); boomers and the odd swipple who’s ‘into spirituality’ and maybe likes high church without all that downer moralising. No wonder they’ve been shutting down in so many places.

Augustine said...

I'm getting the feeling that the Bloviator is not an honest broker in the Liturgy Wars. After all, he highlights the worship-product Seuss-charist but does not mention its competitor, the U2-charist.

The Bovina Bloviator said...

Ah, sir, but I did: three years ago!

1389 said...

This isn't the work of The Cat in the Hat, but of "Basement Cat" - Google it if you are unfamiliar with the Internet meme that I am referring to!