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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why Bother?

LifeSiteNews claims the media, not surprisingly, missed the real story last week.
ROME, October 26, 2009 ( - By focusing on the issue of married clergy in the Catholic Church, the secular media has got the thin end of the story of last week's offer of reunion from the Vatican to "traditionalist" Anglicans. The more interesting story, says Fr. Philip Powell, a Dominican priest based in Rome and a former Episcopalian, is the "huge cultural shift" in the Anglican Church that it presages.


The removal to Rome of those Anglicans in the Communion who had been fighting for a more traditionally Christian ethos "presages a huge cultural shift in the Anglican Church," he said. It will push the mainstream of Anglicanism in the west further out onto their liberal doctrinal limb. And it will likely push the existing Anglican factions further apart and contribute to the final break-up of the Communion between the liberal west and the conservative evangelical Africa and Asia.
Also worth mentioning, liberal Anglicans may find they face a bigger threat from their own rather than the despised conservatives. Since they recognize no sins save for racism, homophobia and insufficient obeisance to Gaia, and since only conservatives can be guilty of those and are leaving in droves, in due time (by definition) there will be no more sinners left in western Anglican churches. As postulated earlier in an overlong posting, the left only thrives when in conflict so things don't bode well for the liberal Anglican church after that "huge cultural shift." With salvation assured for them all and no more conservatives to bash, increasing numbers of liberal churchgoers will ask themselves: "Are there any reasons for continuing to go to church?" and in increasing number they will answer: "None whatsoever."

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