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Friday, October 02, 2009

Strawberries Anyone?

Jennifer Rubin writes (h/t Instapundit):
The latest Fox News/Opinion Dymanic poll is chock-full of bad news for the president. But on foreign policy, the results are nothing short of stunning. On who they trust more to decide the next steps in Afghanistan. 66 percent say military commanders, while only 20 percent say the president. Even Democrats have more faith in the military commanders (by a 45 to 37 percent margin). On Iran, 69 percent say Obama has not been tough enough, including 55 percent of Democrats. Sixty-one percent favor a U.S. military action, if needed, to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Fifty-one percent think Obama apologizes for American too much.


In short, Obama has already achieved what it took Jimmy Carter an entire term to attain: the conviction of a large majority of the American people that he is not protecting our interests or performing adequately as commander in chief.
The comparison to Carter is apt but I think Obama may even be worse: a hybrid of Carter's bumbling incertitude and Nixon's Queeg-like paranoia. Most worrisome are the antics the President might engage in as he watches his popularity (and putative "mandate") vanish.

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