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Friday, October 23, 2009

The White Man's Burden:

Teaching minorities to embrace progressivism.
The relative lack of diversity in places like Portland raises some tough questions the perennially PC urban boosters might not want to answer. For example, how can a city define itself as diverse or progressive while lacking in African Americans, the traditional sine qua non of diversity, and often in immigrants as well?

Imagine a large corporation with a workforce whose African American percentage far lagged its industry peers, sans any apparent concern, and without a credible action plan to remediate it. Would such a corporation be viewed as a progressive firm and employer? The answer is obvious. Yet the same situation in major cities yields a different answer. Curious.
Not really, when you think about it. The vast majority of progressives in the this country are college-educated members of the upper classes who, by and large, are white. Despite whatever egalitarian babblings they spout they, like most members of most classes, prefer the company of their own; especially where they live.

(h/t Ann Althouse via Instapundit.)

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