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Friday, October 23, 2009

There Must be Something in the Water

Her Grace Catharine Roskam, Suffragan Bishop of New York, shows magnanimity Episcopalian style:
We appreciate the welcome the [P]ope extended to those in the Anglican Communion who are disaffected. We for our part continue to welcome our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters, both lay and ordained, conservative and liberal, who wish to belong to a church that treasures diversity of thought."
Perhaps it's only my skeptical nature but do I detect just a teensy-weensy bit of insufferable self-righteous didacticism in Her Grace's comment? As for all those "Roman Catholics" she hopes to welcome: that source of fresh Episcopalian souls, which began flowing around the time Humanae Vitae was published, slowed to a trickle during toward the end of the reign of Pope John Paul II and dried up completely with the election of his successor. In fact if Bishop Roskam were to take a survey of the pews in her diocese on Sunday mornings, she might suspect the flow is going in the opposite direction now and may even increase in the days to come.

(Thanks to the MCJ.)

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