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Saturday, April 04, 2009

You Think We've Got Problems

American Catholics who believe misery loves company will be eager to learn of Holy Mother Church's star-crossed attempt installing Dr. Gerhard Maria Wagner as her new auxiliary bishop for the Diocese of Linz. In many ways it's a familiar saga, the liberals vs. the conservatives, but from a uniquely Austrian perspective, especially because it involves Linz, a diocese that makes the Archdiocese of Los Angeles appear the exemplar of traditional Catholicism. This passage alone will give you an idea.
Bishop Schwarz's troubles also were not over. On March 9 it was reported that one of the deans who had voted against Dr Wagner had confessed to having a long-term girlfriend. Fr Josef Friedl, who had a high media profile as a result of a controversial case with illegal immigrants, spoke out after being pressured to admit to having a mistress.

"I am 65 now. Why should I lie?" Fr Friedl said. He added that everyone in his parish knew about his girlfriend anyway.
Why indeed, Father, lying is a sin and besides, it could be a lot worse: at least it's a girlfriend. Read the whole long piece in the Catholic Herald (UK) to be dismayed, yes, but also entertained.

(Thanks to Dr. Tighe.)

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