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Friday, April 03, 2009

Not to Worry, I Saved It!

You may recall a couple of days ago my posting about the harridan in Massachusetts unanimously elected dean and president of the Episcopal Divinity School at Harvard. I linked to a sermon she gave a couple of years back on the subject of abortion; what a glorious thing it and its practitioners are. I also suggested the possibility the sermon being "disappeared" as word of it made its way around the Internet.

That is precisely what happened and while I have no doubt the she-wolf will assume her academicals at EDS, regardless (or, more likely, because) of this sermon, I am more than a little disappointed she no longer wishes to share it anymore. So, as a public service and to those who missed it the first time, I present below the entire sermon given by the "Rev'd" Katharine Hancock Ragsdale, which I copied from her website as a precaution lest she later drop it down the memory hole.

Read it if you can.

UPDATE: She just moved it somewhere else so no need to post it here.

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