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Friday, November 18, 2011

This is the Last Straw...

Enough, I hope, to drive even the effete progressives from New York's credentialed class into the arms of the Libertarians. The New York Times (credit where credit is due!) reports on the latest outrage of the bloated public sector, directed at a venerable New York institution:

Inspector Visits Sardi’s. Free Cheese Ends.

It was a tradition at bars like the ones in Sardi’s in the theater district: a communal cheese pot with a knife sticking out, and some crackers. First-nighters or late-nighters grabbed the knife and a cracker, spread the cheese — cheddar — and ate. Some called it dinner [all-too-true!--ed.].

Now, after a health department inspection that complained about “food not protected from potential source of contamination,” the communal pot is gone.

Other bar-food staples like peanuts and pretzels in little bowls? Sardi’s has taken them off the bar, too.

Anyone who wants cheese and crackers has to order them, and will be served his or her own pot of cheese and a couple of crackers wrapped in plastic. And now there is a price: Unlike the communal cheese pot, which was free, Sardi’s is charging $3 for a small pot of cheese and a couple of crackers and $5 for a large pot.


“It has to do with the health department,” said V. Max Klimavicius, the president of Sardi’s. “It’s gotten to the point that the way they’re applying the health code is so rigid, we can no longer have what we always had. The way it is now with the health department, as they say, a good inspector has to find violations. They come with flashlights and look in every corner.”

“It’s just mind-boggling,” he said. “Nobody’s happy.”

Of course nobody's happy, save for zealous and overpaid unionized government workers who relish the opportunity showing we-the-people who really is in charge. Those cheese pots were the perfect accompaniment to a gin martini (straight up with olives)...or two...or three; they really laid a nice base. The hope expressed above this egregious act might lessen New York elites' support of overwhelming and overweening government is, of course, in vain. What's more likely to occur is should they find themselves in Sardi's for a drink (one doesn't go there for the food, of course) and learn that the friendly earthenware pots stuffed with Wispride® have been banished by the germ police, they will shake their heads slightly, make a sad utterance how it must be for the best, followed by--more loudly so everyone will hear--a snarky comment how awful American cheese is, then flag down the waiter and order du fromage Selles-sur-cher (tres cher!) that is much more in keeping with people of their education and intellectual pretensions.

Really, this is so prole.


Inigo_Hicks said...

Thank you, Nurse Bloomberg!

justinmartyr said...

There are a lot of interesting angles to this story. Let's look at some of them:

1) Most of the twelve or thirteen Sardi's regulars who are neither octogenarian nor sleeping with the headwaiter work at the TIMES (which used to be right next door).

2) The TIMES will not cover the bar tabs of its reporters but is fairly generous about reimbursing them for "restaurant" meals.

3) The bar cheese at Sardi's was not only free, it was the most edible thing ever served there -- and (as BB rightly points out) an excellent stupor retardant.

Ain't journalism grand?

Winston said...

This was followed by banishing the lobby cat at the Algonquin.

Daniel Muller said...

Oh, Winston beat me to it.