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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Out They Go

The NYPD has cleared the protesters out of Zucotti Park, which is, sort of, the mecca of the "Occupiers." This will probably mean the end to this whole sorry business.

UPDATE: I spoke too soon! A judge has ordered the City to let 'em back in, tents and all, pending a hearing at 11:30 a.m.

UPDATE 2: The judge ordered they can go back but without their tents and stuff; rather like being told you can move into a house but not with no furniture. Also, this item:
After the camp in Zuccotti Park was cleared Tuesday, police and protesters again faced off across Lower Manhattan. Some demonstrators tried to set up a new campsite on land owned by an Episcopal church, but police ordered them to disperse and arrested those who didn't comply.
Goodness, that doesn't reflect well at all on the well-off liberals at Trinity Wall Street, which Episcopal church it surely must be; and since that parish owns a good portion of the real estate in the Financial District (courtesy a 19th century parishioner named John Jacob Astor), the Occupiers may have to roam a bit to find a new home. Perhaps the Methodists on nearby John Street will allow them to encamp on their stoop.

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