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Friday, November 04, 2011

Matthew 26:40

Your Bloviator received an S.O.S. recently from a Catholic friend who was in a bit of a state because the local parish (where I don't attend Mass much these days),after having announced a 24-hour adoration, apparently fell down on the job rounding up volunteers to man the event, especially during the wee small hours. The upshot is I will be rising before the dawn tomorrow morning and trudging to a probably unheated church and attending our Lord a couple of hours.

While I will confess to feeling a smidgen put out initially when volunteering to stand in for those whose talk is more impressive than their action, on the other hand, if there is a worthier activity than spending time in the Divine Presence I don't know it. Besides, Jesus only asked for one hour from his disciples; I'll be giving him two. This is a good thing.


Inigo_Hicks said...

My father belonged the Nocturnal Adoration Society, which kept watch before the Blessed Sacrament in one hour shifts once a month. As I recall, it started at 6 pm on Saturday and continued until the first Mass on Sunday. They took the hours in rotation, so if you had 3 am this month you would have 4 am next month. I went with him once when he had a convenient hour, and received a decal of the Noctornal Adoration Society's emblem, which was the Host in a monstrance. I put it in on my loose leaf binder. I believe I was in third grade.
I hope your two hours of adoration leave as big an impression on you as my single hour did on me forty years ago.

LSP said...

Well done.

Perhaps you could persuade St. Thomas 5 Ave. to join the Ordinariate and do something similar?