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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Save Your Breath, Your Grace

His Grace, Archbishop Cranmer (whose blog, despite my poping, is essential reading and one of my favorites) is in high dudgeon over old news: Katherine Jefferts Schori, 'Sidin' Elder of the Episcopal Church, applied some voluptuous padding to her wafer-thin resume before she was hand-picked elected five years ago to her present position: it seems she made herself the dean of a non-existent school of theology. What Archbishop Cranmer does not realize is many of us appalled by Ms. Schori's elevation knew all about the scandal at the time. Many bloggers (though not this one, alas) screamed bloody murder but Management at the Episcopal Church was hardly ruffled; it mattered not in the slightest. The only thing that did was Ms. Schori's furthering their innovative agenda and by that standard she has proved a superb choice and a spectacular success.

His Grace Cranmer posits the possibility of Ms. Schori being dismissed over this matter, breach of contract or somesuch. Not a chance. To Episcopal Church management, as with all those on the left, truth is infinitely malleable, to be bent, shaped and formed in whatever manner necessary to serve a greater good, in this instance innovation. Church hierarchy is delighted with Ms. Schori and with her mission of badgering and harassing the few remaining orthodox clergy and parishioners who demur out of the church, we can be confident Ms. Schori will serve out her term unmolested. Trust me on this, Your Grace.


James said...

I've written an article I hope helps Episcopalians and other Anglicans better understand this issue - that is, if they are interested in "justice" and support their church's many calls for justice outside of TEC - Jefferts-Schori and Corvallisgate: Electoral justice is also a “justice issue”



Robbo said...

Yup. I like the way she transmogrified her parish adult ed committee work. Since I did a good bit of adult ed too back in the day, it's gratifying to know that I'm every bit as qualified to be presiding bish as she is. Maybe even more so, since I also did parish life (which meant organizing the sammiches and balloons for the annual homecoming picnic).

Ah, well, TEC, you broke it, you bought it.