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Friday, June 17, 2011

Evensong at the Dominican Priory Church of the Holy Spirit (Blackfriars) in Oxford

From New Liturgical Movement:
On 15 June 2011, six months after the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham was established in England and Wales, their first Ordinariate liturgical celebration was held in the Dominican priory church of the Holy Spirit (Blackfriars) in Oxford. The celebrant and preacher was Mgr Andrew Burnham, assisted by the deacons James Bradley and David Elliott. The Precentor was the Ordinariate deacon local to Oxford, Daniel Lloyd.
My goodness, awfully Catholic, isn't it? I must say it may take this ex-Episcopalian a little while to get used to red copes and monstrances at this most Anglican of rituals but on the other hand, that is what Anglicanorum Coetibus is all about: Catholic worship incorporating elements of the Anglican provenance.

Getting used to the following in Catholic churches, however, will be absolutely effortless.
Music, of course, is an important part of Evensong, and the choir directed by Alistair Reid, with Richard Moore on the organ, offered a musical feast drawn from the Anglican patrimony. In his homily, which will be available on the Ordinariate's website soon, Mgr Burnham spoke again of the distinctive contribution which the Ordinariate could bring to the Catholic Church, particularly in the liturgy, and the music we heard last evening was evidence of this. The beauty of yesterday's Evensong and Benediction, which was almost entirely sung in the vernacular, and executed with precise and reverent but unfussy ceremonial was most encouraging, and seemed to me to lead the way in a reform of the Reform.
I suppose it's possible some misguided idiot might slip in a Haugen/Haas atrocity at a Catholic Evensong observance but I suspect the people that enjoy the glop of the former will eschew the glory of the latter thus will keep their mitts off of it. Oremus.

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