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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ne impediatur populus orare

Father Hunwicke attends an Ordinariate Mass:
If Fr Aidan's homily was characteristic, so was Bishop Andrew's liturgy. Fine music (Byrd; Morales); Latin from the Sursum corda until the Communion. We had examples of what the American blogosphere now calls Common Sense and Mutual Enrichment. Sanctus covered the (silent) first half of the Canon Romanus and Benedictus the second half; we were spared those horrid 'Acclamations' after the Consecration. At the Invitation to Communion, Bishop Andrew continued his custom of using the New ICEL translation of Ecce Agnus Dei.
Read it all. It seems to me what Father Hunwicke witnessed bears greater verisimilitude to the "spirit of Vatican II " than wretched Novus Ordo (and the even wretcheder English translation), along with the other horrid excesses and vandalism committed by the post-Vatican II "reformers" who invoked the "spirit of Vatican II" with each fresh assault on liturgy, music and ritual. It makes me proud to have been an Anglican.

Thanks to William Tighe.

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