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Friday, September 03, 2010

Forward to the Past

I'm on an Anthony Trollope kick these days (right now working my way through the Barsetshire novels, nearing the end of Framley Parsonage). I'm reading his works on a digital reader, which is a marvelous device indeed; I recently bought "50+ works" of Trollope online for the princely sum of $5.69, impressive, I think.

I also think this is the future for the distribution of literature. There will always be a market for fine hardbound editions, of course. They are still best way to read while curled up in a comfy chair by the fire (somewhere buried in the family book collection there's a nineteenth-century complete editions of Trollope's works I intend mining for this weekend) but with crappy paperback editions costing upwards of $10 these days, and the price of digital readers coming down, I think we will see their demise relatively soon.

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