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Sunday, September 19, 2010

'Cause There's No Nicer Witch than You

Not enjoying success skewering Republican Delaware senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell over her views on masturbation, the Democrats and their media poodles are now waxing ecstatic over superannuated talk-show host Bill Mahre's dredging up, from twelve years back, footage of her confessing she once dabbled in witchcraft. Furthermore, Mahre is extorting O'Donnell (although neither he nor the media will use that word) by threatening to run more damaging clips of her until she agrees to appear on his show. Ms. O'Donnell duly canceled her Sunday morning TV appearances today and is no doubt taking stock.

Whether or not this revelation deals a body blow to the O'Donnell campaign remains to be seen. Regardless the outcome, however, one may safely venture Ms. O'Donnell is not, perhaps, the most stellar candidate ever to have run for office (though by no means the least) and what's more, the average Republican voting in the Delaware primary was surely well aware of that. Nonetheless, that is whom they picked, over a much more "qualified" political veteran and choice of Republican Party officialdom, which only drives home the degree of their dissatisfaction with status quo. I happen to think Christine O'Donnell still has a chance at beating her hard-left Democratic opponent and that this witchcraft "scandal," along with other alleged gaffes Bill Mahre choses to reveal, will have little effect other than to provide further adolescent titillation for those on the left.

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