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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Blind Leading the Blind

The Pew Forum recently tested a sampling of Americans on their knowledge of religion and not surprisingly, we didn't do very well. A shorter version of the test is available on line and you can take it yourself. I did and while I will never make any claims to scholarship, I managed to get every one of the questions right, as any reader of this blog should. Nevertheless, getting all the answers to some remarkably dumb-ass questions places me, according to Pew, in the 99th percentile of the American public.

Most appalling, however, is that only fifty percent, on average, of Catholics tested answered correctly the bread and wine become the the actual body and blood of Christ during communion. What in God's name goes on in Catholic schools and confirmation classes these days, other than the passing around coloring books of Bible scenes and pamphlets describing where the priest is allowed to touch you?

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