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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Highest Bidder

Your Bloviator is finally getting settled after the traumatic experience of moving from Manhattan to the mainland United States, i.e. the Bronx (which is partial explanation for the dearth of blogging these past weeks). Moving (something I have done all too many times in my life) presents one the opportunity for ridding oneself of unneeded items. The new digs are far more spacious than the old but (and I suspect this is a phenomenon of ageing) I find myself increasingly appreciative of clear, uncluttered space and thus decided the time had come to dispose of a good portion of the many, many CDs in my possession, a perquisite of my employment in the music industry.

Most of the CDs were classical and I hoped, rather than throwing them away, to present them to an organization that might be able to use them. My first thought as a Catholic convert was the school attached to my new and thriving parish in the Bronx. I left a voice mail with the school offering them the large number of discs. A few days later I got a friendly message from the headmaster thanking me for my offer but declining it; he could see no use for them in his school. I was disappointed of course and contemplated chucking the whole lot until a friend suggested I contact the nearby Jewish old-age home to see if they might be interested. Indeed they were; I heard from one of their "activities directors," or some-such, a musician himself, who was thrilled with my offer. Earlier this evening I drove the discs over to the home and met the fellow, who was nearly effusive with gratitude, marveling at "the happiness they would bring" to his charges.

My love, even passion, for classical music goes back to my infancy but Catholic or no, I also realize despite the fact that the majority of our great composers were Catholic, there would be little or no classical music in this country these days were it not for the Jews. So while I am sad my Catholic parish school can't find a use for my classical CDs, I am delighted no end a Jewish old-age home can and they will receive many more of them from me in the future. It's a mitzvah, you see: a blessing for them and a blessing for me. Thanks be to God.

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Cammie Novara said...

"Moving (something I have done all too many times in my life) presents one the opportunity for ridding oneself of unneeded items." I can totally relate to that in every way under the sun. There's a really fascinating debate that I thought would be of interest on evolution vs. intelligent design going on at