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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Four Legs Good, Two Legs Better

What I most discouraging about the health care bill just signed by the President is not that it takes this country a giant leap further down the road to socialism, although it certainly does that. Nor is it the revelation with crystal clarity the ruling political class of this country's utter contempt for the rest of us and their Orwellian regard for us as farm animals; living only to eat and sleep with all our exigent need to be determined and doled out at the pleasure of our betters; although it certainly leads to that, too.

No, for me, the most discouraging aspect of ObamaCare is the appalling realization that we as a nation, via legislation, have invited into our homes to make make critical decisions affecting our personal weal, such deplorable mediocrities (and their satraps) like Madams Pelosi, Boxer and Waters and Messrs. Reid, Frank and Stupak.

Lord Acton (a Catholic and referring to Pope Leo Pius IX, for you Protestants out there!) wrote, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Gazing at the late deeds of our elected representatives, a corollary to that, it occurs to me, is that the lust for power is inversely proportionate to the competence of those who lust for it. While many of those in the rogues gallery seen above may well be turned out of office by a gratifyingly and increasingly angry populace, it remains to be seen whomever they are replaced by will be any more competent and thus resistant to the lure of exercising dominion over the people they are supposed to serve. Pray for our country.

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