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Monday, March 22, 2010

Europe's Turn

Gerald Warner in the Telegraph about the latest, but certainly not the last, sex-abuse scandal in the Catholic Church:
It has become fashionable to claim that the sex abuse scandal currently afflicting the Catholic Church is “its biggest crisis since the Reformation”. Oh, really? Tell me about it. The abuse issue is just a small part of the much larger crisis that has engulfed the Church since the Second Vatican Catastrophe and which is more serious than the Reformation.


How could clergy transgress so gravely against the doctrines of the Church? What doctrines? These offences took place in the wake of Vatican II, when doctrines were being thrown out like so much lumber. These offenders were the children of Paul VI and “aggiornamento”. Once you have debauched the Mystical Body of Christ, defiling altar boys comes easily.
Archbishop Dolan of New York has also pointed out the Church's egregious error for years of subscribing to the trendy notion that monsters who raped young men could be "treated" for their crimes, then placed in their midst again; only to do it again (and again and again).

(Thanks to Augustine)

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