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Monday, March 22, 2010


Despite the ghastly healthcare bill being passed last night, I remain optimistic. Isn't it remarkable, despite the left's hegemony over over our media, education and culture for over two generations, a sizable majority in this country is still opposed to government takeover of our health care?

It would have been better in the short term, of course, if the bill had been defeated but with its passage we, including members of the Congress, finally have the opportunity of taking a nice leisurely look at the thing to learn just what horrendous goodies are contained inside. As each excruciating detail is revealed public rage will be stoked and re-stoked, the Democrats ever more on the defensive; until a good number, perhaps a majority of them, are thrown out of office, this fall and two years from now.

That's my take. There are others, smarter than I, who are more glum.

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