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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What Happened in NY 23?

Reader PMG writes:
Bovie, As a resident of the Empire State, I'd be interested in your input as to your US Rep race that just completed. I see the RINO, bailed out and endorsed the Democrat, not the Conservative.Michael Steele, are you listening?
PMG, wish I could oblige you but I cannot explain the results of that race. I do know the New York State Republican organization is a disaster, that its hands are every bit as dirty as its Democratic counterpart; that both parties are nothing more than patronage machines. The Republicans seem less concerned with winning than just having a presence so that they may continue scarfing up taxpayer dollars for doling out to party cronies. The party is increasingly despised, especially upstate.

That does not however explain why voters in NY 23 didn't go for Hoffman, I know for sure they have not suddenly shifted leftward, not by a long shot. Bloggress Ann Althouse suggests the outcome may have had more to do with the personalities and even the physiognomies of the candidates. I dare say she may be right.

Doug Hoffman

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