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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Keep it up, You're Doing Just Fine!

If our President would like a quick 10-point or so boost to his declining poll numbers all he should do, instead of jetting off to Copenhagen for the climate control conference next week, is go on national television and announce he has decided not to attend the conference because of the recent release of thousands of e-mails casting doubt on the verity of global warming. He might also say he is reserving judgment on any future quotas or restrictions on carbon emissions until those doubts are satisfactorily dealt with.

The President won't do that of course. Since anthropogenic global warming is an article of faith for those on the left, he will go to Copenhagen and read soaring rhetoric off his Teleprompter in support of crippling restrictions on the world economy in the midst of a deep recession. He will receive acclamation from European elites for his stance along with hosannas from pathetic twits like this at the New York Times (note the breathtaking sneering by a soul desperately cognisant his job and "specialty" are in jeopardy) but among most of his and Congress' employers, the approval ratings will continue their inexorable trend downward.

So off you go, Mr. President: have a wonderful trip! And when you get back don't forget to resume thumping for socialized medicine; the Euros and the media will love you all the more for it. Pay no attention at all to what those ignorant rubes who who have to work for a living think. You have have nothing to worry about from them until next November.

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