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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Show Trial

Attorney General Eric Holder was grilled recently over his decision that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the accused mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, and four others will be tried in a Federal Courtroom in lower Manhattan rather than by military tribunal.
Senators of both parties also pressed Mr. Holder to say what would happen if Mr. Mohammed or another detainee considered to be a dangerous terrorist was acquitted on a technicality or given a short sentence. Mr. Holder has said he will direct prosecutors to seek a death sentence in the Sept. 11 case.

Other Justice Department officials have said that even if Mr. Mohammed is acquitted, the Obama administration will keep him locked up forever as a “combatant” under the laws of war. But Mr. Holder largely sidestepped such questions, instead simply asserting that he was confident that Mr. Mohammed would be convicted.

“Failure is not an option,” Mr. Holder said.

This is remarkable coming from the Attorney General of the United States (Columbia, Law '76), his assuring us even if Mohammed is found not guilty he will still be locked up forever but not to worry, he will be found guilty, never mind the vagaries of juries. The President (Harvard, Law '91), in fact, has already adjudicated this case before trial. Since the accused earlier offered to plead guilty before a military tribunal (he craves "martyrdom" [sic]), the only purpose in trying Mohammed in court rather than tribunal is is to appease the ACLU and others on the left who refuse to consider an attack by foreigners that killed 2700 Americans an act of war.

So far the President's vast legion of dupes in New York have remained largely silent over this cynical and calculated decision by his Attorney General; the One's messianic status remains intact and they don't want to criticize. However, as lower Manhattan becomes an armed fortress, as Mohammed's trial (as is predicted) drags on for years and as the sense of fear in the pit of the stomachs of those who live in the city, which only disappeared a few years back, returns, the faith of the President's disciples in Manhattan and elsewhere will surely be put to the test unless they are clever enough to find a way to blame even those enormities on George W. Bush.

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